The band Bullock Hearts was formed in 2013, and has since then released four singles, The Moment, All Ramboed Up, Bells & Whistles and Goliath.
All have climbed high on the Swedish iTunes charts, with Bells & Whistles making it all the way to number one on the rock charts. They have released two music videos,The Moment and Bells & Whistles. 

Bullock Hearts have participated in the Swedish radio contest Svensktoppen Nästa, and came in second place in the final 2014, with the song Bells & Whistles. Over a thousand artists participated in the competition, and the live show had 1,2 million radio listeners.

Bullock Hearts have been played frequently on the air, both in Sweden and Finland. Their song Bells & Whistles was the second most played song on Radio Suomi, the biggest radio channel in Finland. Their latest single Goliath was released in late 2015.