Swedish band Bullock Hearts (Jönköping, Stockholm) plays energetic, yet melodic, yet eclectic music, Queen meets OneRepublic meets Colony House meets The Beatles. This four piece band warms your heart and puts a smile on your face.

Bullock Hearts have released ten singles. Ride like a Lightning, has been getting a lot of airplay on Swedish radio. Their latest track See You Later was released in May 2021.

Their song Bells & Whistles came in second place in a big songwriting contest in Sweden 2014.

Bullock Hearts play their own instruments, sing their own songs and produce their own music. And, do their own hair.

”This is old school yet feels fresh. It reminds you of the days where bands were bands and not brands.” (Graeme Smith, York Calling)

”The Scandinavians present us another infectious cut, more guitars, in the wave of The Who, with all the pop hooks they handle so well, a melody of quality and tons of positive energy.” (César Alonso, Velvety Blog)

”One foot in pop and one foot in 70’s rock. The question is, has the band ever sounded better? Nevertheless, it’s really good – once again.” (Mattias Backlund, Musikbloggen)